Caelan Manning, known by most people as Gus, holds several positions at TRI. He is an advocate for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and is a bilingual Independent Living Skills Specialist: American Sign Language (ASL) and English. Caelan started learning American Sign Language in 2007 and studied to become an interpreter for several years. During his studies he came to prefer the work of advocacy and support over interpreting, and turned his attention to supporting and advocating for the Deaf community.

Along with working with the Deaf community Caelan also works to teach individuals wanting more independence various life skills such as budgeting and travel training, among other independence goals. Caelan has worked with a variety of different people with disabilities, and finds that his own experiences as a person with a disability help him to provide a more well-rounded and supportive service to those with goals of independence.

Caelan also is the program director’s assistant.

Once a month Caelan also facilitates an LGBTQ and ability discussion group which focuses on the intersection of and dynamics between being an LGTBQ identified individual with a disability.

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Phone: (845) 452-3913, Ext. 113