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Instructions for using the eRSP online scheduling system to request Sign Language interpreting services.

If you do not yet have an eRSP account and would like to use our secure online scheduling system, or to place your request by phone, please contact our interpreter coordinator at 845-452-3913 x102.

For assistance in planning interpreting services for your event or conference, please contact our Effective Communication Advisor at 845-452-3913 x106.

You may also request interpreting services by email. Please copy and paste the form below (between the lines) into the body of the email message, and provide the requested information. MHIS adheres to the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct. Please also review our website privacy policy.

The request form is also available in a pdf document, which you can print out and fax to 845-485-3196.

DO NOT submit sensitive information such as
social security numbers or birth dates.


Requester’s First and Last Name:

Requester’s Telephone Number:

Requester’s Email Address:

Business/Agency Name:


City, State, Zip:

Billing Address (if different than above):

Accounts Payable Contact Person:

Accounts Payable Telephone Number:

Accounts Payable Email Address:

PO Number (if required):

Voucher Necessary? Yes / No

Assignment Start Date(s):

Assignment End Dates(s):

Assignment Start Time(s):

Assignment End Time(s):

Name(s) of Deaf Consumer(s):

Assignment Location Address, Building, Floor, Room):

Location Contact Person:

Location Telephone, Cell Phone, Pager:

Interpreter(s) Procedure Upon Arrival:

Parking Information:

Purpose of Meeting (please include as many details as possible):

Number of Parties Involved and Their Roles:

Any Additional Information:


Case Name:

Docket Number:

Name of Chief Clerk:

Name of Judge:

Plaintiff Attorney Contact Information:

Defendant Attorney Contact Information:

Any additional Information:


Tips for Working with a Sign Language Interpreter 

FAQs Regarding Sign Language Interpreters

How the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to you.

Title III of the ADA

ADA Tax Incentive Information

Mid-Hudson Interpreting Services is a member of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and adheres to the Code of Professional Conduct.