The Transition Center helps people living in nursing homes and intermediate care facilities to receive home and community based services. This including giving you information about the services and supports that are available where you live. There are transition specialists at Independent Living Centers in counties all over New York State.

Transition specialists will meet with you and/or your family members to identify what services you will need and help you in getting those services. Those services may include:

  • Community Preparedness Education to make sure that you have the information and skills you need as soon as you return to the community;
  • Identifying specific services to meet your individual needs; and
  • Finding affordable, accessible housing that meets your needs.

The transition specialist is here to create a plan that will meet your needs and to help you move successfully to the community.


Open Doors Peer Program is a group of people who have lived in institutional settings and then moved to home and community based settings, and who have received services and support where they live. Peers visit nursing homes and developmental centers to share their experiences with residents and support people who want to move to the community.


For more information, please contact:

Kathy Sheehan
Transition Specialist

(845) 452.3913 Ext. 104


Vanessa Dubetsky
Transition Specialist

(845) 452.3913 Ext. 118